Seven Ambassadors Support #CareersInAg Campaign

Published on: 29 Dec 2023

Seven individuals from across the UK and from all different backgrounds have come together to become ambassadors for our #CareersInAg campaign.

#CareersInAg aims to get people of all backgrounds involved in farming and agriculture of all kinds. Supported by a range of different companies and colleges, #CareersInAg is aiming to spread the word about what a rewarding industry agriculture is and our fantastic ambassadors are going to help us do that by using their voices through the power of social media.

The ambassadors are a diverse mix of individuals working within the industry in all different ways, from new entrants who have discovered their love of farming to those who have changed their career direction and who are farming no matter what their challenges are.

So who do we have? Drumroll please...

Mike Duxbury

Inclusive Farm

Mike Duxbury is leading the way when it comes to opening the doors of agriculture to all. Mike, who is also known as The Blind Farmer, runs The Inclusive Farm, a self-funded enterprise which offers agricultural training to disabled young people hoping to enter the industry.

As the first blind person to attend agricultural college - he secured a place at Warwickshire College aged 18 - he has since spearheaded many projects including being part of the team who created the first speaking phone for blind people while working as Head of Accessibility for Vodafone, sat on the world council for disability and won a Points of Light award for his services to agriculture. 

Mike is committed to ensuring farming is a welcoming and safe place for all, and if his own story is anything to go by, he will certainly get the job done.

Mike Duxbury


Claire Whittle


Claire is a farm veterinary surgeon who splits her time between working in clinical practice at LLM Farm Vets in the northwest and her own business, The Regenerative Vet, which offers consultancy to farmers and landowners transitioning towards agroecological practices.

Completing a Postgraduate Certificate in conservation medicine consolidated her interest in understanding farms as ecosystems and the value of natural capital for animal health.

Claire is the Veterinary lead for the ‘Dung Beetles for Farmers’ team which aims to improve the conservation status of dung beetles throughout the UK by offering pragmatic advice to land and livestock managers. She was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to study the benefits of regenerative agriculture on livestock health and welfare which is due to be completed this year.

Claire Whittle


Bizza Walters


Bizza is keen to spread the message that you don't have to be from a farming background to get involved in agriculture, despite being born and bred on a 202-hectare farm in Warwickshire. At A-level, she almost chose to study music but decided she didn't want to leave the industry she loved.

Due to not having a succession plan on her family farm, there wasn't an opportunity open for her to carry on the next generation so she started her own small flock of Greyface Dartmoor sheep. She is expanding the flock each year and is determined to one day have her own farm. She shows the full journey over on her social channels. 

Bizza Walters


Justine Fulton


Justine is a fantastic example of how you can have a career change anytime in life and fight against traditional stereotypes. She’s championing this by becoming an ambassador for the #CareersInAg campaign.

Justine grew up in Bacup, Lancashire, and became a butcher in 2019. After working as a social worker she decided she wanted a career change and took on a part-time butchery role while she decided what she wanted to do, but four years later she’s still in butchery and has become fascinated with the craft and skill.

She says: "There are different stereotypes and people said you do not really see women doing it so, tell me I cannot do something, and I will prove you wrong.”

Justine Fulton

Karl Franklin


Karl Franklin, also known as 'The Pretend Farmer', has drawn in thousands of followers on Instagram by sharing his journey into the agricultural industry. Having come from a non-farming background, previously working as a chef, he knows the struggles of being a new entrant.

He is now his running his own successful farming sheep business, having built up a solid customer base for his produce. And making a name for himself on social media; his popular online profile has led to him talking on prime time TV programmes like Good Morning Britain, all with an aim to promote British farming.

Karl Franklin

Jeremy Gibbs - Forces Farming


​Forces Farming is an initiative to help army veterans enter the farming industry, Jeremy Gibbs is the man behind that initiative. For the last four years, Jeremy has been creating career pathways for former service personnel which ultimately leads to more land-based employment. 

The initiative organise one-to-one career path planning, such as a Friday afternoon ‘Dial into Agriculture' Zoom session which focus on sharing what people do in the food and farming industry; Forces Farming creates a network of trusted advice, reliable support and improved the lives of those affected by service while adding value to the agricultural industry through access to land. 

He says; "Over 20 veterans are now in employment. My passion is people, inspiring them, helping them make informed decisions and improving and adding value to their lives, while helping to bring structure to the agricultural industry."

Forces Farming


Will Roobottom


With a passion for sheep and education people about farming, Will Roobottom has built up a flock of 300 pedigree Lleyn sheep on the farm at home in Staffordshire. His passion to educate others about farming led him to start his own YouTube channel, to show the day-to-day running of the farm.

He says; "I have teamed with the #CareersInAg campaign because it's key to bring the next generation onto farms and give them that opportunity that they need to experience this way of life"

Will - Cowley Hill

Over the next 12 months, our fantastic group of ambassadors will be sharing their stories, showing us what it's like working in agriculture and helping inspire others to get involved in such a fantastic industry. Follow their journeys through their individual social platforms, and follow Jobs In Agriculture @jobsinagriculturefg or #CareersInAg

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